The band itself and the friendship of the other band members which has been so much a part of my life for nearly 40 years. 






As well as being my brother and a blinding guitarist, he is a luthier and amplifier repairman extraordinaire.






I never thought I would ever favour glass over my heavy weight brass slides but the quality and range of weights, sizes, and colour is second to none. And very nice people too - true diamond geezers!






Part of a guitar collectors web site specialising in all things Dobro. They support my contention that the steel fiddle edge Dobro is the best of all the resonator guitars. Useful information giving model numbers, serial numbers and dates. Thanks to these guys, I know that my own Dobro guitar dates from 1935






Dave Ellis is an old friend of mine. We first met around 1970 and shared a flat with the late Sam Mitchell. Dave is a fantastic guitarist and Louise (aka Boo) was a fellow student at Hornsey College of Art circa 1976






The Registry of Guitar Tutors of which I am a member teaching country blues and slide guitar. If you are interested in Rock, Jazz, Classical or any other style they have tutors who can  help you learn and improve your  guitar skills




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