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I have been reminded that it has been quite some time since I last updated the News page, well over a year in fact. I put the reason for the lapse down to one thing: the death of Taffy Davies on 31st May  (please read our upcoming tribute page on the Brett Marvin web site). Taffy had played piano with the band for 37 years and been a personal friend for more than 40 years.



We were absolutely devastated by our loss, both personal and musically and it is only now that we have been able to take stock and think about how the band is going to continue and if indeed we would continue.



In 2010 is was our intention to record a new album featuring several of Taffy’s songs and to that end we started work on the arrangements in late April to early May. We met with Gibbo every day for a couple of weeks in a rehearsal space in Hackney and started to compile a list of songs that would go on the album.



Taffy had some great songs and great ideas and it was a joy to play. We have never been the most industrious band in the world, but we did have plans to get busier following an album launch.



Sadly in mid May Taffy was admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties and apologized for not being able to make the gig that night in the Pavilion, Crouch End. We thought it wasn’t that serious and he would soon be back to continue with our album preparation. When he was released from hospital he was very frail but we thought he would soon recover but a few days later he died at home. We thought he would be OK so his death came as a terrible shock.

Taffy is survived by his wife Rosemary, son Iwan and daughter Helen.



As well as playing piano Taffy also played a very good ragtime guitar, accordion, clarinet and just about any instrument you could name.



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Graham Hine
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