LATEST NEWS ( January 18, 2011)



For me personally I have a few gigs this year and have now set up my home studio and almost have enough material for a new album. I’m going to keep it simple with a lot less production than the last album. I will resist the temptation for over dubs and will definitely not be playing to a click track. It will just be one guitar and vocal.



I have now started giving guitar lessons but still need to supplement my musical income with my work as an Interiors Architect, although that is now part time which is perfect for me. Just about the right work/life balance. So if you would like guitar lessons get in touch. I am taking all abilities from complete beginners to competent players



If you can make any of the gigs please come and say hello – we are always pleased to see you.



Hopefully it won’t be so long a gap till the next news bulletin at which time we will have a pretty good idea about the format, shape and direction of the band.



Bye for now

Graham Hine
















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Graham Hine
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