Crawley Blues Club - March 4th 2006



A new departure was Graham Hine playing a short solo acoustic set before the second half kicked off. Graham is one the UK’s finest bottleneck guitarists with a unique sound that pays tribute to Robert Johnson, but emphasises his own style and unique interpretation of early Delta blues. His own compositions of “Come On Easy Jet” and the instrumental “Walk on Water” showed what a fine musician he is with vocals to match. You could have heard a pin drop in the audience.



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Crawley Blues Festival - November 18th 2006



Sadly I only heard the opening song of Graham Hine and Jim Pitts set where Hine performed solo with some very distinctive slide guitar picking on an original song where he played tribute to some of his fellow musicians including Roger Hubbard and the late Sam Mitchell.  I heard later that the set was well received and was sorry that I could not have seen more.



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Brett Marvin presents Graham Hine CD



Long time member of Marvin’s Thunderbolts, Hine is more than versed in his music. He is one of the best slide players in this country, an all rounder with a real down home attitude vocal style. Full drive on boogie numbers; high dexterity on guitar picking numbers; unusual and exotic blues instrumentals; all making a lovely fresh album

Half a dozen tracks cover thirties Mississippi, fifties Chicago and a nod to his seventies days working with Nick Perls, his unique playing style leading to solo albums on Blue Goose. Then slotted in between these tracks are another six tracks ‘2000’ mode; all twelve goodies. I can’t do this album justice in words, it’s an album to seek out and hear. Hine is a class player with ‘that something’ most blues players crave for - gut feel and expression for the music



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Graham Hine
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