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GRAHAM HINE Brett Marvin Presents (Sun House Records)



The very wonderful slide guitarist from the very wonderful Brett Marvin and The Thunderbolts.

On the factual side this album is made up of two elements. Firstly; six of the tracks are from an unfinished solo album recorded for Sonet back in 1974 and the master tape being rediscovered thirty years later. Secondly, for this release there are six tracks from 2004.

I’m going to be a bit biased here ‘cause the Thunderbolts recorded two of my desert island disc selections and Graham Hine’s style and sound are a big part of those albums. The guitar sound is a big part of this album as well, clear tone, precise playing and feeling and “wow that guitar really sings!” Both eras sit well together producing an overall consistently fine album. The new stuff is solo acoustic and a mixture of Blues covers, instrumentals, and Graham’s own songs. ‘Crossroads’ and ‘Backdoor Man’ get a refreshing outing whilst the instrumental ‘Walk on Water’ and ‘Thank God for The Wheel’ show us mere mortals how to make a proper tune out of our Sunday afternoons noodlings. ‘Come on Easy Jet’ has Graham reflecting on all the frustrations like slight delays when he’s just trying to get home. Back in 1974, there was a similar spectrum of material but Graham was being a little bit more adventurous. ‘First Love’ is a beautiful instrumental deserved of it’s title and featuring the tabla playing of Malcolm Mortimer whose drumming then appears on the chunky treatment of Son House’s ‘Grinning In Your Face’. The album finishes with another slide instrumental, ‘Jo-Anne’s Room’ a suitable tribute to the much missed Miss Kelly who along with Brother Dave offered help and inspiration to Graham in his early days



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