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GRAHAM HINE - You’ll be Hearing From Me Real Soon




Sun House Records SH027



Having spent some 40 years as slide guitarist and vocalist for the wonderfully anarchic country blues band Brett Marvin and The Thunderbolts, Graham Hine has recently decided to also get back into solo performance. In the earlier part of his musical career, he issued two LP’s on the prestigious Blue Goose label, run by Nick Perls in New York. In fact the title track of this CD makes reference to this era, also mentioning Sam Mitchell and Roger Hubbard. Graham considers that these two players, along with himself, were the leading country blues slide guitarists in Europe at the time, something with which I could not argue.

Hine has written most of the 13 tracks on this album himself, and all feature his exemplary slide playing on both resophonic and electric instruments. The covers are Willie Dixon’s “Back Door Man” which gets the album off to a great start, “Fishing Blues” by Henry Thomas and two by Skip James, namely “Cherry Ball” and “If You Haven’t Any Hay”. The latter, which I remember Sam Mitchell always referred to as “Hinseys’s Hay”, also features some fine piano from the Brett’s current keyboard man, Taffy Davies, as do a number of other tracks. “Walk On Water” written by Hine and Davies, is also notable for the very effective table playing of drummer Micky Parker.

All of the self penned songs feature strong slide guitar and interesting lyrics about amongst other things, travelling, playing music and women (all archetypal blues subjects).”Wrinkled Skin” talks about dermatological deterioration of his woman (I hope this is all fiction, as it would be a bit cruel if aimed at anyone in particular). “Down At The Waiting Rooms” relates to a venue in Palmers Green, London, where Graham regularly plays and name checks some of the characters who attend sessions there.

Finally, I must mention the excellent cover of the album which is a picture of Graham playing his old Dobro and which is very “Crumbesque” to say the least. The rest of the booklet is also very well produced.

If slide guitar is your thing, give this one a listen. Rating: 9



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