Meeting with Taj Mahal



In the months preceding the tour with Derek and the Dominoes we supported one of my heroes, Taj Mahal at Walthamstow Polytechnic. I met Taj in the dressing room, drawn there by hearing him play rudimentary but expressive slide on what sounded like a resonator guitar. He was playing a sunburst finish National and It was the best biscuit bridge resonator I had heard. I took my sparkling gold plated National out of it's case and started to play along.

Later we swapped guitars and I started to show off. He appeared very unimpressed. So I was very pleased and surprised when after the concert Taj came up to me, shook my hand and said 'son, you done played all the notes right off of my guitar'.






Gold Plated National & Tour with Derek & the Dominoes



In 1970 Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts were invited to support Derek and the Dominoes on their UK tour. There were nine dates in all at all the major concert venues of the day; Brighton Dome, Greens Playhouse Glasgow, Liverpool Philharmonic etc. finishing at London's Lyceum. 

At the Liverpool Philharmonic we had set up the equipment and were having a drink in the bar when Gibbo came in and said ' come back stage quick, Clapton’s going nuts about your guitar'. Backstage behind the curtain my Gold Plated National had been propped up against a chair  with Eric sitting about 10 feet away gazing at it. 'Is it your guitar? How much do you want for it?'. I said I couldn't possibly sell it, it's the guitar I always wanted and I had worked hard to get the money to buy it. It was a blues guitar, I couldn't possibly sell it. ' Just name your price' said Eric. 'Just tell me how much you want. I'll swap it for any of my guitars. Just tell me what you want'. I said I was sorry but the guitar wasn't for sale.




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