Restored 1936 Dobro - My New Baby! (cont’d)




To restore the guitar I went to my old friend Roger Hubbard, a perfectionist in all things; not only as a musician but also as a furniture restorer and guitar maker.

To repair the neck he first removed the fretboard, pulled the neck straight and routed a slot for a carbon fibre rod, made a new Rosewood fretboard and repaired the minor woodworm holes before re-polishing. The neck is now straight and intonation is perfect.

I also wanted to achieve a Frosted Duco finish and considered sending the guitar to Rik Besser, the acknowledged master of this paint technique but with postage to the US it would have been an expensive option.

This is where Roger’s skill as a furniture restorer saves the day. He refuses to be beaten by any antique finish and after some research achieved what you see here. He sprayed the body and stripped it three times before he was satisfied with the result. I didn’t think he could do it but he proved me wrong. I can’t tell you how Roger did this, save to say it didn’t involve using mothballs.


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Graham Hine
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